When Is It Time to Paint a House?

Are you thinking about painting your house but you aren’t sure if it’s the right time? Check out the tips below to see when it’s the best time to paint your house.

Check the Weather Before and After Your Paint Job.

You want to make sure to watch for any rain beforehand that might lead to the exterior of your home being damp. If it does rain, make sure you give your home a couple of days to dry off completely before any exterior painting occurs. Also, be on the lookout for shower after your paint job has been completed as you want to make sure your newly painted house has an adequate amount of time to dry and set. Also, make sure you that you are looking at the amount of moisture in the air as too much can lead to your exterior paint not applying or drying correctly.

The Right Temperature for Exterior Painting.

Each paint is different when it comes to the specific temperature limits so make sure you check with your particular paint brand. Most colors tend not to like any temperatures below 40 degrees, but some are advanced enough that they allow for painting in the 30’s. The overall advice for painting temperatures is between 40-90 degrees with the ideal temperature being 70 degrees. In general, you want to make sure that the temperature in the morning and night are relatively similar and that it doesn’t fluctuate too much.

When You Shouldn’t Paint

You should avoid exterior painting in the winter time because the cold temperatures can lead to flaking paint. For those in the north, your painting months might not extend as long as those living in the southern states. If you are in the north, you should stop your exterior painting around November. If you are in the south, you might be able to paint later into the year and make it to December.

When looking for the ideal time to paint the exterior of your home, make sure you check out the weather before and after your paint job, the temperatures in the morning and night, and avoid painting in the winter months. It is suggested that you should keep your exterior paint jobs to the summer or early fall months due to the temperatures.