Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Improving your kitchen cabinets is one of the most transformative ways to update your kitchen. In many instances, when you think about your dated cabinets, you wish they could be magically replaced. However, a total replacement is not always necessary. That’s because a thorough painting job from Creative Finishes can make a difference. We are a team of highly qualified interior painters with years of experience. Our painters will ensure that a fresh coat significantly impacts your kitchen feel and look.

What are the Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Painting?

Are your kitchen cabinets outdated and dingy? If so, our interior painters have you covered. We have all it takes to transform old-fashioned cabinets into something you’ll love. Here are the benefits you can look forward to when working with our professional painters.
Kitchen Cabinet Painting - Refinish Cabinets - Update Cabinets

Minimal Disruption When Painting Your Cabinets

The kitchen is a space where you handle most of your daily duties, including preparing and sharing meals. That means you’ll need minimal disruption to avoid inconveniences. Tearing out existing kitchen cabinets and installing new ones can be a big project that disrupts your household for days. It makes it difficult to access your kitchen as you normally do.

Fortunately, our painting work is less invasive and faster to finish. We do everything possible to ensure that you’ll have full use of your kitchen within the shortest time possible.

Updating Kitchen Cabinets - Painting the Kitchen Cabinets

Updating Your Kitchen with Newly Painted Cabinets

You’ll be thrilled by the difference our cabinet painting services can make. We encourage you to reserve a free consultation with us where we listen to your needs and help you choose a paint color that best suits your kitchen cabinets. We then do the painting to make your kitchen appear more modern and updated. Your space will also look lighter and brighter.

Upgraded Cabinets Improves Your Property’s Value

Upgraded Cabinets Improves Your Property’s Value

Most home buyers mainly consider the kitchen before making any purchase. If your kitchen looks outdated, you might have a low offer. However, our kitchen cabinet painting services can significantly enhance your home’s value. It will also help your home sell faster. This is because it gives your kitchen a new and more inviting look.

Cabinets are Cost-Effective

Cabinets are Cost-Effective

Cabinets are some of the most expensive things in your kitchen. Therefore, you might have to break the bank to replace them. You’ll need to incur costs to remove and dispose of existing cabinets and install new ones. Luckily, our kitchen cabinet painting services are more cost-effective. We only need to assess your cabinets and choose the perfect paint coat. Better still, our interior painters are fairly priced to suit any budget.

Top-Notch Quality Cabinet Paints on the Market

Top-Notch Quality Cabinet Paints on the Market

There’s a significant increase in demand for painting kitchen cabinets. Manufacturers react to this demand by introducing better paint products. At Creative Finishes, we partner with the most reputable brands to bring you the quality you deserve. That means a wide range of paint colors and more durable options. We also apply the paints to reflect the quality of your kitchen cabinets.

Factors Influencing Kitchen Cabinet Painting Costs

Now that you know kitchen cabinet painting is the most affordable way to upgrade your cabinets, you need to know what goes into pricing our services. The best thing is that we work within your budget for optimal peace of mind. The factors that influence kitchen cabinet painting costs include:

Size of Your Cabinets Being Painted

We often price our services depending on the size of your kitchen. This is because size determines the surface area that needs painting. If you own a small kitchen with few cabinets, you’ll pay less than a larger kitchen with multiple cabinets. In this case, we give you an accurate estimate depending on how long the job will take.

Updated Kitchen Cabinets - White Painted Cabinets

Labor to Prep and Paint Your Cabinets

Painting your kitchen cabinets often comes with labor charges. Our painters will assess the amount of work required to give you a precise estimate.

Cabinet Surface Preparation

The amount of preparation needed for your kitchen cabinets varies depending on various things. For instance, if your surfaces need some repairs, they will factor in the overall cost. Also, if you want different paint colors on your cabinets, you can expect slightly higher prices because of the amount of preparation and primer required.

Man painting a kitchen wall during a kitchen cabinet update and painting.
Kitchen Cabinet Paint
Newly painted cabinets in the kitchen - white cabinets that were updated.

Cabinet Paint Quality

Many paints are available on the market today. You can choose to cut corners by picking the cheapest paint, but it might cost you more in the long run. However, you can pay a premium for our top-notch quality paint products that can last for years to come. This is because our goal is to always give homeowners the quality they deserve.

What Makes Creative Finishes the Best Kitchen Cabinet Painting Company?

Columbus is home to many painters, but not all can deliver the quality Creative Finishes promises. Our painters have over two decades of providing top-notch quality painting services in the region. We understand all aspects of the painting job and pay attention to detail to deliver thorough work.

Our team is honest and transparent in every interaction. We help you understand all aspects of the kitchen cabinet painting project and how we price it. We give you an accurate estimate and explain what it entails, so you know what you’re paying for. Also, we ensure that our services are affordable enough to suit your budget.

In addition, our painting company prioritizes excellent customer service. This is evident in how we treat our customers from the first contact. We give them the time and attention they deserve through every step of the project. We’ll address your concerns in a way you best understand to ensure you have the best experience working with us. We also walk the extra yard to clean up the work area after the project, so you have time to enjoy your freshly painted cabinets.

The Bottom Line

Painting your kitchen cabinets is a cost-effective and hassle-free way to give your kitchen a new look. It will refresh your space and make it look brighter. Our professional painters have everything it takes to handle the project and deliver top-notch quality results within the shortest time possible. You can contact us today for a free estimate.