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Work With Professionals to Repaint Your Home in Galena, OH

There’s no doubt that any home repainting task is a huge undertaking. Not only does it change the overall appearance of your home and, in effect, switch up the aesthetic, but it can also significantly affect the resale value of your home. A good paint job can go a long way in increasing your home value and curbside appeal, but at the same time, a poor one can significantly reduce its value. Below is a list of common mistakes people make during house repainting that you should aim to avoid for the best results.

Professional Help from Experienced Painters

Even if the painting job is a DIY project, it is still critical to getting a professional painting contractor to help you out. They can help bring a different, more professional view which can transform the outcome. In addition, they have loads of experience handling such projects, so they can advise on what to do as well as the things you need to avoid. You have nothing to lose by bringing in a professional and a lot to gain, so it is always justified. Creative Finishes has many years of experience and we use it to help people get the best painting schemes.

Certified and Insured Painters

The people of Galena, OH have many reasons to trust Creative Finishes to be their painters. We have the best painting services and execution is our main goal. We work diligently to ensure that your painting needs are catered for. We are certified and insured so that all transitioning in the services we deliver are smooth. We aim to provide quality work and we help people avoid common mistakes that happen when painting.

We Are Precise in Every Step, Even in Tape Removal

Edging tape is commonly used during painting to ensure symmetric finishes and also to protect the woodwork. It is very effective in these functions, which explains its repeated use over time. However, most people tend to make the mistake of waiting until the paint has dried up before pulling off the tape. When you do this, there’s a good chance that some of the paint might also come off along with the tape. The best thing to do is remove the tape while the paint is still wet, but not immediately after applying the coat. Alternatively, you can choose to forgo the tape altogether and apply various techniques such as;

  • Using a light touch to avoid dripping paint.
  • Using a high-quality angled sash brush to provide crisp, professional-looking lines that may eliminate the need for masking.
  • Wiggling the brush around tight corners and filling in the areas you may have missed.

Working in bright light, get an accurate cut in line. You can use a headlamp if need be.

We Brush Over Just The Right Amount of Time

Brushing over the same parts multiple times is often a mistake people make subconsciously as they try to get an even coat. This can ruin the brush and the paint as the bristles often cling to partially dry paint. The best solution is to load the paintbrush and quickly brush the paint across the surface in a smooth motion, using a stroke or two to level it off.

We Use The Right Type of Paint

There are plenty of different types of paint suited for different surfaces and rooms. For instance, porous surfaces, such as fresh plaster and bare wood, would absorb too much of a water-based paint. For that reason, a contract matte or silk is advised for fresh plaster, while a wood primer, undercoat, and topcoat are needed for bare wood. It is also worth noting that different rooms require different types of paint finishes depending on the designated purpose of the room. Below is a helpful guide on what type of finish suits which room.

  1. Kitchen: Here, you need stain-resistant paint that is durable and also easily washable. Hi-gloss or semi-gloss finish, as well as Acrylic eggshell or acrylic durable matt, are recommended here.
  2. Dining Room: For the dining room, you’ll need a clean, smooth, and moisture-resistant finish which can be provided by a durable matt or acrylic eggshell or even a soft sheen, depending on what you’re looking for.
  3. Bedroom: A highly pigmented and long-lasting finish is required here. For that reason, the most suitable finish would be a matte finish.
  4. Living Room: Being a high-traffic area, you need a hard-wearing finish that is also long-lasting. Durable matt and acrylic eggshell would be ideal, but for wooden surfaces, you can use soft sheen satin.
Updated Kitchen Cabinets - White Painted Cabinets

Don’t Forego Primer

Forget all the comments and suggestions that applying primer is a waste of time and resources. If you’re looking for a nice and elegant finish, it is absolutely critical. Paint primers act as a base coat that provides the foundation for brilliant color and a smooth and seamless paint application. It is also helpful when you need to cover imperfections, conceal stains, or neutralize the color of a surface before painting. In most cases, one coat of primer is enough, after which you can apply two coats of paint for the perfect finish. However, if you’re painting on a porous surface such as wood or want to cover up a darker shade, two coats of primer would be appropriate.

Quality Paint Used

It is worth remembering that you are always going to get what you pay for. Therefore, when you go for a particular type of paint on the sole basis that it is ridiculously cheaper than the other options available at the shop, you will likely pay the price in lack of quality. This is because cheap paints require multiple coats to achieve the right texture, which means you’re likely going to use a lot more in volume. Additionally, low-quality paints aren’t durable, and you might have to repaint your home sooner than you actually thought.

By avoiding these mistakes, you should be able to get the outcome you were looking for with the repainting job. For more information and other tips and tricks, get in touch with Galena’s top painting contractors, Creative Finishes.

A Shade of Country

Galena is a very small village in Delaware county Ohio, just north of Columbus. It is a lovely area, very pretty country views alternate with uncrowded home sites. Downtown Galena is a like a page out of history with the Galena Diner being a village landmark that has been around forever.
In May 2019, the Village of Galena became the first municipality in Delaware County to become a Bee City USA affiliate, joining more than a hundred other cities and campuses across the country united in improving their landscapes for pollinators

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Things to See – Galena, Ohio

Ohio to Erie Trail

Sunbury, OH 43074 (614) 918-3636

Char-Mar Ridge Park

7741 Lewis Center Rd, Westerville, OH 43082 (740) 524-8600

Downtown Square

Galena OH 43074

Shale Hollow Park

6320 Artesian Run, Delaware, OH 43015
(740) 524-8600

Sambuca’s Country Market and Greenhouse

577 Walnut St, Galena, OH 43021
(740) 965-4422

Places to eat in Galena, Ohio

Galena Diner

13 Columbus St. Galena, OH 43021

Son of Thurman Galena

31 W Columbus St

Tavern at the Creek

2475 Africa Rd Galena, OH 43021

Water’s Edge Sport Grill

5192 Cheshire Rd, Galena, OH 43021
(740) 549-1000

The Coffee Vault

9 West Columbus St. Galena, OH 43021