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The Ideal Painting Company in New Albany, OH

Other than choosing the right time for repainting the exterior of your home, choosing the right painting contractor is also necessary to achieve the best exterior painting results. In New Albany, OH, there are several painting companies that offer exterior painting services. Given that they all advertise themselves as the best in the business, you may find it difficult to settle on one as your exterior painting contractor of choice. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re looking for an exterior painting contractor in New Albany, here’s how you can identify the one you can trust.

Excellent Track Record

In all industries, companies with proven track records tend to deliver more exceptional services than their competitors with poor track records. As this is the case, when searching for an exterior painting contractor, you should check the track record of all contractors that you've found near you.

Highly Rated Team

It is common knowledge that a firm's ratings is normally a good indicator of how efficient it is at delivering its services. Hence, when looking for an exterior painting company, it is in your best interest to check the ratings of those companies you can consider hiring.

The Ideal Painting Company in New Albany, OH

Founded over 20 years ago, our firm, Creative Finishes, is a painting company based in Ohio. For years, we’ve remained committed to offering our clients nothing but the best. Of all the exterior painting services providers in New Albany, we believe we are the right company to hire. This is because:

We deliver

At Creative Finishes, our end goal is always to satisfy our clients. Thus, if you hire us, you can rest assured that we will deliver as agreed, as your satisfaction is our happiness.

We Only Use High-Quality Products

High-quality products normally deliver better results than low-quality products. In an attempt to maximize their profits, some companies usually scam their customers by using low-quality products after being paid to use high-quality ones. At our firm, we don’t engage in such unethical practices. If you

Reasons Why You Should Repaint The Outside Of Your Home

Repainting the exterior of their properties is a task most residential property owners tend to avoid. This is because it is commonly assumed to be an unnecessarily expensive burden with no benefit other than improving a building’s aesthetic appearance. At Creative Finishes, we believe that this is far from the truth.

Having been in the industry for over two decades, we boast of being one of the most experienced painting companies in New Albany and its surroundings. Over the years, we’ve witnessed several benefits of exterior painting. So, whenever asked by a client whether or not repainting the exterior of their property is worth it, our answer is always a resounding Yes!

Here are some of the reasons why we believe exterior painting is necessary.

Upgraded Cabinets Improves Your Property’s Value

Increases the Value Of the Property

Across the United States of America, properties with exquisite paint jobs usually have higher values than properties that feature poor paint jobs. This being the case, by keeping your exterior looking fresh, you'll be indirectly increasing the value of your property. Given that the amount by which your property will increase in value as a result of getting a fresh coat of exterior painting will be considerably more than the amount you'll pay for the painting, it's safe to say that repainting the exterior of your property would be a wise financial investment.

Top-Notch Quality Cabinet Paints on the Market

Improves Property's Curb Appeal

It's human nature to be attracted to aesthetically appealing products. It's, therefore, unsurprising that when looking for a residential property to purchase, prospective buyers are normally drawn to those with fresh-looking exterior paint jobs. If you'd like to sell your home, it's fair to state that repainting your property would be a wise marketing move.

Offers Protection to Property

Your property's exterior is always exposed to harsh natural elements. These elements, if not countered, tend to seriously damage the exteriors of properties. Quality repaint products normally have a layer of protection against natural elements. Hence, when used on the exterior of a property, the property's protection against natural elements is normally boosted.

Identify Damage

As noted, exterior painting boosts a property's exterior against natural elements. However, it also helps identify damage that the said natural elements have already caused. In the past, many property owners have been able to identify damage on their properties' exteriors while they were being repainted. Similarly, your New Albany painter could also identify and inform you of damages that need fixing while repainting your property's exterior.

Kitchen Cabinet Paint

Best Time To Repaint Your Home

Deciding to repaint the exterior of your home is not easy. So, when you commit to repainting your home, it’s obvious that you’d like to see exceptional results. To achieve the best results, you must choose the right time to have it carried out. At Creative Finishes, we are of the opinion that the best period to repaint your home is during Fall or Summer. This is because of one reason, these seasons offer:

Perfect Weather

For an exterior paint job to look exceptionally well, it must be done while there is adequate warmth and minimal wetness. This is because, during periods of rain and snow, the wetness usually hinders the drying of the paint. The wetness also tends to wash away a lot of paint, rendering the remaining paint non-impactful.In Fall and Summer, the warmth is normally adequate to facilitate the drying of the paint. The rain and snow that bring out excessive wetness are also non-existent; therefore, the threat of the paint being washed away doesn’t exist. hire us, you can rest assured that the products we’ll use to repaint your home’s exterior will be high quality.At Creative Finishes, we genuinely care for our clients. If you’d like to join our growing list of satisfied clients, please contact us through our website.

More About New Albany

Business Insider named New Albany America’s #1 suburb based on factors such as:

  1. proximity to the nearest
  2. metropolitan area,
  3. average commute times,
  4. median household income,
  5. crime rates, and
  6. public-school ratings

New Albany has been around for many years, but in the last three decades has gone from being a rural area to having a population of over 11,000 in 2022. The city is located northeast of Columbus and easily recognized because of the handsome white paddock (horse) fences along most of the roads.
New Albany is noted for its excellent school system center centrally located in a 200-acre Learning Community area where all the public schools are located. It also has a first-class park system with some parks receiving national recognition

Demographic Information for New Albany, OH


Median Household income in 2022


Median home value

38.3 years of age

Median age in 2022

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123 Mill St Gahanna, OH 43230

Hoover Dam Recreation Park

7701 S Sunbury Rd Westerville, OH 43081

Hayley Gallery

260 Market St suite b, New Albany, OH 43054 (614) 855-4856

Hoover Dam Recreation Park

7701 S Sunbury Rd Westerville, OH 43081

Boehnke Nature Preserve

6100 Clark State Rd, Columbus, OH 43230 (614) 855-4260

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Creekside Park

123 Mill St Gahanna, OH 43230

Blue Agave

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Hayley Gallery

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Fox in the Snow

160 East Main St. New Albany, OH 43054

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7148 Town Market Lane East New Albany, OH 43054 (614) 939-5065