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n recent years, there has been an ongoing debate in various home improvement communities on whether DIY painting is better than hiring a professional painter. Some people believe that DIY painting is the new way to go considering its relatively lower costs. In contrast, others are unconvinced about any other method other than hiring a professional painter. In truth, there isn’t one means that’s outright better than the other, as there are various considerations to be made. For instance, if you enjoy getting hands-on with your home improvement, DIY would be more suited for you, and if you don’t have one creative bone in your body, hiring a professional would be the better way to go about it.

They both have their pros and cons, but most experts agree that having a professional is critical even if not through the entire process. Below are some of the reasons that call for hiring a professional painting contractor any time you have a painting project.

Creative Finishes is the team that will handle all your painting needs in Lewis Center, OH. There are many advantages to hiring professional painting services than doing it on your own.

Save Time with Our Fast Work

Unless you have loads of time to spare, finding enough time to finish a DIY paint job at your house can be difficult. Remember all the things you need to do, from finding the right paint suited for your house to preparing the house for painting which includes moving all the furniture to appropriate places, covering up any unmovable ones, taping the wall edges, and even taking down wall décor.
This doesn’t even count the time it will take you to paint the whole house and let it dry. On average, you can expect to spend over a month on such a project when fully focused on the job, and potentially three to four months if it’s something you’re doing alongside a day job or other parental responsibilities.
With a professional taking care of everything, you can expect it to take just under two weeks before the whole project is complete. This is because a professional painting contractor will have all the necessary tools required for the job, as well as a team to support them, so naturally, they will be more efficient with the job.

Let Us Handle All Your Painting Needs

As we’ve touched on earlier, a house interior painting project can be a very lengthy undertaking. There’s a lot of planning and preparation involved even before the painting begins, which can be very stressful, especially for someone taking a painting project on for the first time. Think about it; you need to first identify the right colors for your home, after which you should go down to the store and find them. It is worth pointing out that you can find up to seven different variations of the same color, so choosing the right one without any expert help can be quite daunting. If you get past that, you’re now faced with the mammoth task of ensuring all the walls are well painted and that the texture is as it's supposed to be, plus about a hundred other things. If you’ve hired a professional, you don’t have to worry about any of this. You just issue your instructions, tell them how you want it, and, in a few days, or a week, you’ll have everything done and completed exactly how you’d like it.

You Get Experienced Views

One of the best and arguably the most important thing about hiring a professional is the expert view you get. Remember that this is someone who has been in the industry for potentially decades, so there’s a good chance they’ve been able to see and learn a lot during that time. They will have worked on countless painting projects, including interior and exterior painting, deck painting and floor painting, among others. On top of that, they will have also worked on some projects with even more experienced painters, which provides a good opportunity to learn. This kind of experience can only make one a better painter because they get to make mistakes, learn from them and improve their skill which at the end of the day allows them to provide better services for their clients. You don’t get this kind of experience when working on your project, and that could mark the difference between a perfectly executed job.

We Handle The Cleanup

When you’ve hired a professional to handle the paint job on your house, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have a mess to clean up once the job is done. This is because most painting companies will ensure that they’ve cleaned up everything and nothing is left where it isn’t supposed to be. Additionally, if furniture has been moved to a different location to provide space or avoid damage, they will ensure that it has been returned exactly where it is supposed to be. Basically, there will be no heavy lifting for you to worry about.

We are Insured

According to Ohio state law, any professional painting contractor ought to have the necessary licenses as well as insurance cover. The insurance cover is especially important if one happens to sustain any injuries while on the job considering the numerous perils involved with such a job. This way, you won’t be liable for any medical bills, and they also can’t sue you for damages incurred while on your property. With DIY painting, however, you don’t have this option and if you get injured while on the job, there’s a chance that you will have to pay for the bills from your own pocket. The people of Lewis Center, OH can count on Creative Finishes for premium painting services. We have many years of experience and our goal is to help you achieve the dream look of your house. We work fast to give you 100% satisfaction. Call us and get a free quote on your painting needs.

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Lewis Center is an unincorporated upper middle-class community in Orange Township, part of Delaware County, Ohio. It is community of around 31,000 people. Its zip code, 43035, includes residential, shopping and retail establishments all along U.S. Route 23. Olentangy School District, one of Ohio’s highest scoring school district makes Lewis Center is a highly sought-after place to live. That is accentuated by the natural beauty of the surroundings and the all the retail and foodservice locations in the area.

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