Professional Apartment Painting by Creative Finishes Painting

Fresh paint can quickly transform the look and feel of an apartment building. If you’re ready to refresh your property, contact Creative Finishes Painting. Our Columbus painting professionals will help you achieve your vision for your apartment building through fresh interior and exterior painting, deck and fence staining, and more. The Creative Finishes Painting team has over 20 years of experience serving the Columbus Ohio community and uses only high-quality paints and techniques, so you can expect outstanding results and exceptional service. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Exterior Painting Services

We offer a variety of exterior painting services give your apartment building a nicer, newer appearance.

Deck and Fence Staining

We help wood decks and fences look their best with staining and restoration. We start by performing minor wood repairs to create a smooth surface and use pressure washing to get rid of mildew and dirt. Then, we use high-quality stains or paints to give your deck or fence a new-and-improved look.

Siding Painting

Your apartment’s appearance makes a big first impression. Make sure that impression is a good one with a freshly painted exterior. We can cover a variety of siding types, including stucco, wood, vinyl, aluminum, and masonry.


Benefits of Painting Your Apartment Exterior

Improved Curb Appeal

Fresh paint can make a dull, faded building look nicer and newer, improving your building’s curb appeal. It can also help an outdated building look more modern.

Increased Property Value

A nicely painted apartment or condo can be appealing to tenants as well as future buyers.

Protection From the Elements

Paint gives your building’s exterior an extra layer of protection from the elements and may even help the siding last longer.

Interior Painting Services

Our interior house painting services help the inside of your building look well taken care of and help create a comfortable environment for tenants.

Walls and Ceilings

Painting the interior walls, whether a single accent wall or an entire room, can help a space feel fresh and clean. Painting the ceiling white or another light color can make the room appear brighter and more spacious.


Give outdated kitchens a makeover with painted cabinets. It’s a great way to rejuvenate the space without expensive renovations. Painted walls can also add to the overall look and feel of the kitchen.


Our detail-oriented team can paint trim and doors, stain cabinets and floors, varnish natural floors, and more to make sure each unit in your apartment looks great from ceiling to floor.


Benefits of Painting Your Apartment Exterior

Improves Appearance

Interior painting improves the appearance of your rental units, hallways, and common areas, providing a more welcoming environment for tenants and guests. The right interior paint choices can also make an apartment feel more sophisticated or help you achieve a specific design style.

Raises Property Value

Painted interior walls, ceilings, trim, and other features can make your building look nicer and more appealing to potential tenants and future buyers.


We Only Use High-Quality Paint Products

To achieve the best results, Creative Finishes Painting uses the best paints. Our Columbus painters exclusively use Sherwin Williams, Behr, and Benjamin Moore products, which are known for their superior performance and durability. These brands also offer a wide range of finishes, so you can get the right color and style for your building. You can also expect quality results that are designed to last.

Experienced Professional Painters

Our Columbus, OH painting company has over two decades of experience serving the Columbus, Ohio area. Creative Finishes Painting painters are experienced in exterior and interior painting for residential and commercial buildings, from the biggest projects to detailed trim work and everything in between. We use our skill, knowledge, and attention to detail to deliver outstanding results in a timely manner at a fair price. We take pride in our work and look forward to helping your apartment look its best.

Exceptional Customer Service

We want to you to have the best painting experience possible when working with Creative Finishes Painting. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality customer service at every step of the project. We listen to your goals and work with you to bring your vision for your building to life. We can provide insight on the latest interior and exterior painting trends and popular designs, and help you decide which areas of the apartment should be painted for the biggest impact. We even offer a free estimate so you know what to expect from the very beginning.


Painting Columbus Apartments: Our Process

To ensure a smooth process, we start each painting project by learning about your painting needs and providing a free estimate. We then schedule service for a day and time that works with your schedule. When our painters arrive, they’ll work quickly yet carefully to get the job done right and ensure you love the outcome. We even offer a three-year warranty.

Get a Color Consultation

Which colors will look best on your building? We offer color consultations to determine the ideal exterior and interior options for your project and guide you to the perfect look. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about color schemes, product options, the latest painting trends, and more.

Other Columbus Ohio Painting Solutions We Offer

In addition to interior and exterior painting for residential and commercial properties, our team offers prep work and other services to ensure high-quality results. Since products best on smooth surfaces, we offer minor wood repair, drywall repair, and restoration work. We also offer pressure washing and deck refinishing to help your deck look great. If you have old paint that needs to be scraped off, our painters can take care of it. We also offer caulking and basement sealing services.