Rescue your deck with professional staining services

Staining is key to achieving a great-looking deck. When your deck needs a makeover, contact Creative Finishes Painting in Columbus, Ohio. We offer professional washing, painting, deck staining and restoration services to make your deck look like new and protect it from the elements. Using highly rated paints and stains, our talented painting team performs quality work and delivers gorgeous results while providing excellent customer service every step of the way. Let us transform your deck into an outdoor space you love. Contact Creative Finishes Painting today for a free quote.


Deck staining and restoration

Our services

Creative Finishes Painting offers a variety of painting services to refresh the look of your deck.


Color consultation

You know your deck needs to be stained, but aren’t sure which stain is the right choice. Let the painting experts at Creative Finishes Painting help determine the best stain type and color for your deck through a color consultation.


Deck preparation

Before we begin staining or painting, we prepare your deck by fixing dents and scratches and sanding the wood. This creates a smooth surface for outstanding results.



To make sure your deck looks its best, we use pressure washing to remove dirt and mildew. Painting on a clean surface helps ensure lasting quality.



We use high-quality painting and staining products in your preferred color to bring new life to your deck. Our attention to detail and emphasis on customer service ensures stunning results and a positive experience.

Our process

We begin each painting project by discussing your vision for your deck, determining your painting needs, and providing a free estimate. If you’d like help deciding on the best stain type and color, our knowledgeable team will provide a color consultation to make the decision easier. We then schedule painting for a day and time that’s convenient for you. When it’s time to stain your deck, we prepare your deck by washing it and repairing surface damage, then our skilled painters get to work staining or painting your deck in the product of your choosing. When we’re done, we clean up so you’re left with only a gorgeous deck and no mess.


When to stain your wood deck

Ohio decks should typically be stained every few years. If the wood is showing signs of deterioration, such as splintering or soft spots, it’s a good time to consider exterior painting and staining services. Wood that quickly absorbs water and finish that looks patchy or uneven are also signs that it’s time to stain your deck.


Benefits of deck restoration and painting services

Stains are designed to improve the appearance of your deck as well as protect it from the elements. Stains come in a variety of colors and varying levels of opacity, allowing you to revamp the look of your deck to something that suits your vision for your home and exterior space. Stain also helps block moisture from seeping into the wood, preventing mold, mildew and rotting that could damage your deck. Staining is also often easier than deck painting and typically takes less time.

Options for your deck


Whether you want to freshen up the appearance of your deck or totally change the color, exterior stains can make that happen. Stains come in a variety of colors, from natural-looking tones in a range from light to dark brown, to greens, blues and grays. Stains are also available in different levels of opacity, including solid, semi-solid, semi-transparent, translucent, and clear. The more translucent the stain, the more visible the grain and texture of the wood. You can also choose between waterborne stains and oil-based stains. Different stains work best on different types of wood, and a painting professional at Creative Finishes Painting can help you pick the best one for your deck.

Let professional painters do the work for you


When you’re ready for exterior painting services, contact Creative Finishes Painting.About Creative Finishes Painting Painting Working with a professional painting company in Columbus, Ohio ensures the best products are used and the job gets done right. We perform all the proper steps to make sure your deck looks great, including washing, repairing, and staining. Plus, by letting us do the work for you, you save time and can focus on other things. We’re committed to gorgeous results and outstanding service. Contact Creative Finishes Painting for all of your exterior and interior house painting needs.